Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Witte Molen products?

Witte Molen products are available throughout the Netherlands and Belgium in numerous pet stores, garden centres and web shops. If you can’t find a supplier in your local area, please contact us and we will help you find your nearest retailer.

I don’t know which feed is the best for my pet. Can you help me?

Our team is always standing by to help you select the most suitable feed for your pet(s). Contact us via phone, email or Facebook message. You can also contact us to ask other questions about our products.

How do you know that your feed really is good in practice?

Witte Molen has lengthy experience in making food for birds, rabbits and rodents. We work together with pet owners and experts who work with animals on a daily basis to analyse their practical experiences. In that way, we can keep up to speed with the latest developments in animal feed. We have long known what types of food are good for and appreciated by different types of animals. 

Do you offer any other products in addition to feed for my rodents, rabbits and birds?

Yes. Witte Molen is a subsidiary of the Laroy Group ( which offers an extremely broad range of high-quality products for all your pets.

What’s so special about your egg food?

Witte Molen egg food is unique in its quality. It’s no coincidence that so many top breeders are so satisfied with our soft egg feeders. But top quality is futile if the birds don’t want to eat their feed. That’s why we make every effort to optimise the taste of our egg and soft food.

Can I also order your products abroad?

Yes. Witte Molen is well-known throughout the world and exports to over 40 countries. We have numerous satisfied customers for our products, particularly our bird feed but also our products for rodents and rabbits.