Frequently asked questions

Can my rat eat human food?

Most of the food we eat is toofatty, salty, sweet or processed for rats. However, a small piece of fresh fruit or vegetable or even a piece of hardboiled egg is good for your rat’s health. Consult the broad range of natural snacks available from PUUR to find other suitable treats for them.

Can my rats eat hamster feed?

Good hamster feed tends to be too fatty for rats and usually contains too many animal proteins, which can aggravate the kidneys unnecessarily. Although this can be beneficial for growing rats, it is best to use specific rat food for adult rats.

My rat washes its paws and feed in his drinking trough. Is that normal?

Some rats do this; it doesn’t do them any harm. Clean the drinking trough a little more often than you normally would, as bacteria can multiply more easily in water.

How can I offer the feed to my rats in a more interesting way?

Rats are very curious animals. Trying hiding the feed in their cage or placing it in an empty box with a few paper scraps in it.

What kind of feed is suitable for my mice?

Mice are real omnivores and need a varied diet. Ideally, their feed should be composed primarily of plant material such as vegetables, seeds and grains. Small amounts of animal proteins can also be included. It is best to choose a good quality feed which is specifically for mice and potentially other small rodents as well, as it takes these needs into consideration. PUUR Mini Hamster & Friends is a good choice as it is a varied feed with lots of small ingredients, so your mice can eat them easily.