Frequently asked questions

I want to feed the pigeons in the park. What should I give them?

You can buy specific pigeon feed which includes corn, peas and various types of seeds. For smaller pigeons you can use turtle dove feed or parakeet feed.

Can pigeons eat egg food?

Absolutely! Egg food contains more vitamins, minerals and first-rate proteins than most seed mixes, so it is a good addition to their main feed. Witte Molen also has a specific egg food for pigeons.

Why do we need to keep changing the types of feed we give to our pigeons?

The nutrients needed by pigeons vary depending on several factors, including their age, their activity and the time of year. A growing pigeon therefore has different needs than a resting pigeon or one which needs to fly long distances. The Witte Molen pigeon feed range is designed to take these needs into consideration.