Frequently asked questions

My lovebirds aren’t eating all their seeds. What should I do?

Most birds will eat the tastiest seeds in the mix first. As most seed mixes are carefully balanced, they should preferably eat them all. Are your birds leaving a lot of feed behind? You might be giving them too much. Check if most of the feed gets eaten when you give them a little less.

Can lovebirds eat fruit?

Definitely! Most lovebirds love fruit. If they are not used to eating fruit, it might take a while for them to recognise it as food, so keep offering it to them (a fresh piece each time), even if they don’t eat it straightaway. Perseverance pays off! Place it somewhere high up, so that they become curious and want to find out what it is.

Is millet safe for lovebirds?

Millet is a natural, safe supplement to a lovebird’s diet. It’s low in fat and your birds have to peck the seeds off the stem themselves. This makes a fun activity for them!