Large parakeets

Frequently asked questions

Can my large parakeets eat fruit?

Yes, most parakeets love fruit! PUUR Parakeet and Cockatoo contains a wealth of dried fruits. Most birds will appreciate a piece of fresh fruit in addition to this.

What feed can I use to train my parakeets?

If you want to win your birds’ trust then millet is a great, tasty treat. You can hold it out to them, and once they become more accustomed to eating from you, hold the feed closer to your hand. Once they trust you completely, sunflower seeds are a delicious reward for most birds.

What can I feed my parakeets if they are getting too fat?

Birds that are too fat and don’t get much movement can be given lovebird feed instead of parakeet feed to. This usually contains less fat and doesn’t have sunflower seeds.

Are fresh vegetables good for my parakeet?

Absolutely! Fresh vegetables contain natural vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients and are an important addition to your birds’ main feed. It might take a while to train them to see it as food, so don’t worry if your birds don’t eat it straightaway. Hang it up for them or cut into small pieces and mix into their feed. Don’t give them avocado as it is poisonous for birds.