About Witte Molen

About Witte Molen

Made in the Netherlands since 1740

Eating healthily & responsibly is important for everyone, so the animals we love and care for deserve the same.

Witte Molen dieren

That’s why Witte Molen goes the extra mile to enhance the wellbeing of animals and their caretakers by producing and marketing convenient, innovative and best-in-class food and care products for ornamental birds, small mammals, wild birds, pigeons & poultry.

To achieve this, we work together with professional trade partners, breeders and end-users to incorporate their desires & needs into everything we create.


about historyOur history

The history of Witte Molen started more than 270 years ago in Meeuwen (The Netherlands), where the company is located to this day. Artisanal wheat millers in the village started to trade in seeds and cereals. Soon, they purchased raw materials all over the world. In its heyday, the most exotic raw materials where brought to the company’s warehouses from the four corners of the earth.



​​about cerealThe pet food producing company of today owes a great deal to the trading of cereals, seeds and nuts of yesteryear.

The business focus shifted over the course of many years, but the knowledge got passed on and is the main reason why raw material quality and nutritional composition often greatly surpass that of competitive offerings.




​​about aerialToday, new nutritional products for birds, small mammals, pigeons and poultry are delicately crafted, which puts this knowledge to good use.

By working together with professional breeders, Witte Molen now is one of Europe’s leading producers of food for birds and small mammals. With among others the world renowned Witte Molen moist egg food.



​​about worldAn international player

Even though Witte Molen is based in the Netherlands, most of our products are sold abroad. Currently, we export to over 40 countries and this number is rapidly expanding.

Today, Witte Molen is a household name with many European, Asian and South-American animal lovers and trade partners.



Proud member of Laroy Group

Since 2013, Witte Molen is a part of Laroy Group. This Belgium-based international family business produces & markets pet supplies for a wide range of animals.

about companies

Within the Laroy Group, focused food producer Witte Molen is now capable of offering a wide range of foods and accessories for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, pigeons, fish & reptiles to its clients, together with a high service level.

Discover more on Laroy Group here or visit www.laroygroup.com