Our windmill...

Our windmill...

Witte Molen's corporate values

Witte Molen oud vs nieuw

The windmill of Meeuwen, ever present on the company grounds until it was relocated to the spot it occupies today, is a fitting symbol for the company Witte Molen. Once, in its golden age, an important commercial node in the Dutch town of Meeuwen, nourishing its inhabitants with locally ground flour and exotic foodstuffs.

Then, over time, losing most of its luster as it lost out to more modern alternatives, ending up in tatters...


Witte Molen verplaatsen

But then relocated and restored to its former glory by a group of enthusiastic people who refused to give up on the mill.

Thanks to the hard work and craftsmanship of these tenacious folks, the windmill is pearly white again today. And ready for the future.

​​​Witte Molen Onze Mensen

Witte Molen waarden​… and its vanes.

Of course, in order to catch the wind and operate, the windmill needs four good quality vanes and a strong hub to hold them together while they turn ever faster.​




Witte Molen samenwerking​​The hub: cooperation

We believe in the power of cooperation with our stakeholders. We work together towards common long-term goals. At Witte Molen, within Laroy Group and with external parties like trade partners, breeders and end-users.This creates trust, enables knowledge sharing and allows continuous improvement of what we have on offer.





The vanes: Experience, Quality, Ingenuity and Commitment


  • Witte Molen experienceExperience: There is a vast nutritional and manufacturing know-how within the company, thanks to its roots in trading and its many years of producing animal food.




  • Witte Molen kwaliteitQuality: We offer products you can have confidence in. Because we really do not compromise on quality of raw materials and nutritional composition.



  • Witte Molen vindingrijkheidIngenuity: Our people are inventive problem-solvers. They combine various insights to be able to offer products uniquely suited to fulfilling animals’ needs. And more.



  • Witte Molen toewijdingCommitment: Impossible is not in our dictionary. We aim for the stars and are committed to work hard to get as close to perfect as we can. ​​