About Laroy Group

About Laroy Group

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Laroy dog​Why is Laroy Group in business? ​​

Love for pets is our passion. Laroy Group wants to strengthen the relationship between pets and their guardians, so they both live longer, healthier and happier lives. ​​


laroy pawHow do we do it? 

​​To this end, we research pet owners’, professionals’ and animals’ needs and develop innovative and stylishproducts tailored to them. We aim to supply a diverse portfolio of brands with a wide array of products whichstand out from the competition.


laroy wat​​What are we doing? 

​​Laroy Group aims to become one of the world's leading producers and providers of quality pet products. To achieve this, earnings are maximally reinvested in new growth initiatives which drive long-term stakeholder value.


​​Geschiedenis Laroy GroupHistory

More than 50 years ago company founder Carlos Laroy set up a small one-man business dealing in cereals and seeds. His entrepreneurship allowed the business to keep growing year after year, and partnership with Iams-Eukanuba and the acquisition of CéDé provided an extra boost. To help the company keep growing, after a few years it moved into distributing accessories alongside the feed business.


​​ ​​ 

Geschiedenis Laroy Group Duvo+


The story continued, and in 2009 the group moved up a few gears. The proprietary brand Duvo+ was founded, Dutch pet food producer Witte Molen was acquired in 2013 and since late 2015 also scratching post and aquarium decoration specialist Europet Bernina International is part of the Laroy Group. Thanks to the trust put in it by staff, partners and clients, this one-time microbusiness has thus grown into one of the top-performing production and distribution partners in the pet sector.




Home for pets

Home for petsOur products’ end-users are pets. And everything we do, should contribute to their wellbeing. Their guardians, who make the decisions which influence their lives, are our first partners to make this happen. We want to share our knowledge with them, so pets and their guardians can live together comfortably. The products we offer together with our trade partners reflect this. Although we do not take ourselves too seriously. There are enough “guilty pleasures” in our lineup to go crazy.

House of brands

House of Brands Laroy GroupLaroy Group does not put all its eggs in one basket, but is a real “House of brands”. A house with many rooms, where shopkeepers and their customers can go for a wide selection of own brands, strong partner brands and international A-brands. With many items you cannot find elsewhere by the way. A product range, solid as a rock, where everybody finds what they’re looking for.

House of services

House of Services Laroy GroupWe believe in a solid long-term relationship with everybody our company gets in touch with. At Laroy Group we strive for a warm, almost family-like contact with consumers, shopkeepers and employees. And even though we get larger day by day, conviviality and atmosphere are important in our company. Like a good pet shop who cherishes its clients and their pets, Laroy Group acts similarly with its stakeholders. Trying to cultivate a win-win relationship and investing a lot of time and effort. And although Rome wasn’t built in a day, we apply ourselves to this every day.




  • Respect:
    In our thoughts and actions we are open to others and their opinions. We strive for fairness and mutual respect in all that we do.
  • ​​Team spirit:
    All our actions are based on the conviction that the efforts of the team are always more productive than those of the individual. We help each other and share our knowledge. This gives us the strength to go the extra mile and to always look for ways to improve.
  • Open communication:
    We share best practices and new developments, always working towards the same goal in transparency. Open communication, also when something goes wrong, ensures that people, maintain confidence in the company.
  • ​​Involvement:
    At every step of the value chain, our people are highly involved in bringing great products to end consumers, together with our trade partners. We are determined and pro-active to always provide the best possible product experiences, coherent with the company strategy. We aim to do the right things, the right way!